General Information

General Information


Since our inception in 2015, Xcell Therapeutics’ focus has been to create a better future for humanity through the application and use of ethical science. With 10 years of research, we have made a breakthrough and developed CellCor™, a serum free chemically defined media composed of over 200 known compounds. CellCor™ does not contain any animal nor plant derived components, making it a pure CD media.

Today, we are working with a team of talented researchers in the R&D section. We are currently working on developing proliferation media for various animal cell types. Our research team guarantees to use ethical technologies and tools for our research.

It is our goal to become the CDMO leader in regenerative medicine within the next 10 years and build a world where innovation in life sciences is as ethical as it is revolutionary.

Striving towards excellence, we are currently operating a GMP production facility in Yongin with an annual production rate of 100,000 liters with a goal of obtaining 510(K) approval in the year 2020. As the global media market is forecasted to grow drastically, we have secured 7,600m2 of land located in Osong to construct a facility that is expected to produce 1,000,000 liters of media annually. With the operation of the Yongin facility as a start, our vision for the year 2025 is leading the cell therapy production in the global regenerative medicine industry.

As the global life expectancy is increasing, living a long healthy life rather than just a long life became an important mission for humanity. with CellCor™ as a start, we will work towards improving human longevity as well as the planet’s.