CEO Message

We work hard every day to create a better future

CEO Message

Humanity faces a new challenge as the world is entering an aged society.

Considering the gap between life expectancy and health span, living a long healthy life is not simply an issue of personal quality of life, but a topic connected to the National medical finance issue that is under various discussions to being settled

The field of regenerative medicine stands out as the solution to this problem.

For regenerative medicine to give practical benefit to humanity, it must make a transition to full-scale industrialization. This can only happen when securing backbone technology for manufacturing that can enable cell therapy production stably and economically.

For over 10 years, we at Xcell conducted various R&D / collaborations and finally developed the world’s first serum-free chemically defined media. With the completion of a world-class

GMP manufacturing facility in 2019, we are ready for full-fledged commercialization. Xcell Therapeutics would like to serve as the foundation of the global regenerative medicine industry. Our company was founded under the ideology of contributing to the future of humanity through the advancement of science and technology.

We have entered the first year of commercialization targeting more than 20 countries in 2020. With the purpose of becoming the leader of Global Regenerative Medicine, 50 talented enthusiastic individuals are striving to reach the goal.

As global politics and economic competition is growing fierce, key commercial raw materials and tax levy are now becoming the weapon for a silent war. From this aspect, Xcell therapeutics feels deeply responsible for playing a role in Korea’s industry and taking this mission into our business.

As the global life expectancy is increasing, living a long healthy life rather than just a long life became an important mission for humanity. with CellCor™ as a start, we will work towards improving human longevity as well as the planet.