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Product Name CellCor™ DPC CD
Catalog YSP007
Size 500 mL
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Product Introduction
Dermal papilla cells interact through growth control of epithelial cells in the hair follicle and play an important role in human hair growth. The key to the hair loss cell therapy is the cell’s ability to maintain its characteristics.
CellCor™ DPC CD maintains similar cell proliferation rates with Dermal papillary cells cultured in the Serum contained media while taking full advantages of being Chemically Defined. It also maintains stable Dermal papilla cell characteristics (specific marker expression).
CellCor™ DPC CD consists of chemically defined components and does not require the use of coating agents, making it the most ideal product to control the culture conditions of human-derived Dermal papilla cells.
Product Chemically Defined (Recombinants / Synthetics)
Application Cell Culture and expansion
Cell Type Dermal Papilla Cell (DPC)
Storage Under -20°C (The expiry date on label)
Supplement No supplement and coating reagent needed
Size 500mL (Custom packaging available)
Area For research and further manufacturing uses
Product Documents
  • CellCor™ DPC [PIS]